Isole Egadi

The Riserva Marina delle Isole Egadi - Marine Reserve of the Egadi islands offers the visitor extraordinarily beautiful seascapes and landscapes which melt harmoniously together with archaeological and historical remains.
Levanzo, the nearest to the coast, is a small maritime village, whose crystalline waters were the backdrop to the historic battle of the Egadi islands. The Genovese cave, with petroglyphs and paintings from prehistoric times, is reachable by way of a pleasant walk.
Favignana, a tourist site, is the largest island and its economic activity was based on its tuff stone quarries and products linked to tuna fishing; today, the mattanza is still carried out from time to time.
Marettimo is the furthest island and the wildest. Pathways of notable interest wind their way through the remains of ancient churches and fortalices. Its water is rich in caverns and caves and it is a paradise for scuba diving.