37 km far from the trapanese coast-line, Marettimo is the distant, and also the most mountainous of the three islands. Its history, as that of all the area, is done of dominations of several, alternating one another, populations. In the ancient times called Hiera, today it is called after two elements is composed of: the sea and the thyme, metaphor of the mountain.
On Marettimo, the mountain, with numerous pathways running across it, overlooking the sea, iridescent colours present themselves between the light of the sun and the reflections of the sea, while the views around change, towards the castle of punta Troia, the outlines of the other islands and the coast of the mainland.
From the small inhabited centre, with fishing houses, one after another, contained between the old port and the new one, the numerous and suggestive caves including those of the Cammello and Tuono can be reached by way of a suggestive circumnavigation by boat.

Le bellezze di Marettimo

Grotta Bombarda Mare
GROTTA BOMBARDA - Isola di Marettimo

The muffled sound of the sea during storms gives the cave its name.
Castello di Punta TroiaMonumenti e musei
CASTELLO DI PUNTA TROIA - Isola di Marettimo

It is said that, built into the tip of the mountain of Marettimo, was built in the XII century on a more ancient Saracen watch tower by Ruggero II.
Le grotte di MarettimoMare
GROTTE DI MARETTIMO- Isola di Marettimo

From the small inhabited centre, the numerous and suggestive caves can be reached by way of a suggestive circumnaviga- tion by boat.
Festa di San GiuseppeTradizione e religione
FESTA DI SAN GIUSEPPE - Isola di Marettimo

On Marettimo, between the 18th and the 19th of March, one can see the celebrations in honour of San Giuseppe, patron saint of the village. .
Grotta del TuonoMare
GROTTA DEL TUONO - Isola di Marettimo

A large cavern near punta Troia, the blue-turquoise colour of the sea is intensified here.